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Terms of Use

If you use my tracks for free please credit me in description to your video. Here is the text:

Music by AudioCoffee

Here you can find simple rules what you can and what you can`t do with my music.

You can:

✔️ Download all my Tracks and Music Kits for free

✔️ Use all my music for Youtube videos for free 

✔️ Use all my music in social media for free

✔️ Use all my music on your website for free

✔️ USE all my music tracks for FREE in your YouTube Videos, YouTube Shorts, TikTok Videos, Facebook and Instagram Reels, Snapchat Stories.

✔️ Use all my music on radio for free

✔️ Use all my music in online courses and tutorials for free

✔️ Use all my music in school projects for free

You can not:

You cannot sell all my music on any streaming platforms (like Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music etc.) and on any website or app in internet.

You cannot upload my music on any Content ID protection services (like Identifyy, AdRev, CdBaby, Audiam etc.).

You cannot use my music in podcasts if you plan to publish your podcast on any streaming platforms (such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, etc.).

❌ You can not claim the music as your own.

❌ You can not remix music without the consent of the author.

❌ Must not be used as backing music to vocal tracks and re-published.

❌ Must not be resold as part of another music or music license product.

❌ Is not allowed to use my music in connection with explicit sex/violence, discriminatory, or demeaning material.

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